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As an engineering company, machinery is a key factor for us. It defines the accuracy and efficiency of production. Therefore, we invest in the modernisation of our machinery and acquire new technologies on a regular basis, which also means we can meet your strictest metalworking requirements.

Technologies designed for metalworking.

Our machinery includes technologies that enable us to perform sheet metal cutting, bending, profiles rolling, profile cutting or to perform perfect machining. In the case of metalworking we cooperate with well-established partners, thereby, we can deliver a final product according to your requirements.

Machinery for small and large orders.

We perform both customised and series production. With regard to our machinery, we are able to manage small, medium and large orders.

Which particular machine types do we use?

We will take you through our machinery equipment and introduce you to the particular machines that will be engaged in your order as well.

Metal parts cutting

Metal parts with a 20 mm thickness can be cut with the TRUMF3310-2.7 Kw laser.

Sheet metal bending

We bend sheet metal with DURMA ADS 125-60, ADS 200-100 and ADR 30-135 press brakes

Profile rolling

We roll profiles using METALKRAFT-60 and DURMAPBH-100 machines.

Profiles bending

The CRIPPA-MEDIOLANUM 2 and CRIPPA-CA LINEAR-580 technologies are used for profile bending.


We perform machining on an EMCO-E45 machine.

Profile cutting

Profiles are cut by BOMAR gravity, semi-automatic and automatic saws . Profiles are also plasma cut on a CNC DRAGON 100 x 100 mm.


For sandblasting we use a pressure sandblasting box CAB -135 P.

Powder coating

Painting with any shade of colour (according to the individual customer's wishes) is carried out in our own powder coating plant and then cured in a Eurotherm oven with dimensions of 3 x 2 x 1.4 m.